Thassos island - travel to Greece

Thasos island is one of the islands in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea with a distance of about 7 km from continental part of Greece and 20 km south-east of Kavala, which makes it a preferred tourist destination.

Thassos island has generally round shape, without deep bays and significant peninsulas. Most villages were placed inland, as the population was mainly engaged in stockbreeding and agriculture.

Thassos island and family vacations in Greece

The capital Limenas on the island (which is the largest city) is often referred to as the name of the island - Thasos. The size of the island is approximately 390 square kilometers and its highest peak - Ypsario or Ipsario - is 1204 meters high.

The island is an attractive place with beautiful sandy beaches, olive gardens and traditional villages with incredible mountain views. It is ideal for anyone seeking tranquility and beautiful scenery, while also offers some of the most frequented beaches in Greece and stormy night life.

Thassos hotels are one of the best in the world and in our opinion very cheap by comparison with other hotels of the same class in Europe. They offer a lot of facilities and services : windsurfing, beach vollleyball, scuba diving, tennis, wonderful hotel swimming-pools, amusing programs for the kids, golf and so on.

It is a good idea to try to find promotional travel packages for 7 or even more days for your hotels, family vacations, and holiday in Thassos as early as possible because it will cost you less to stay in the first-class hotels.

Thasos island will be a perfect choice if you plan a family holiday in Greece.

We will try to continue to write about the things to do on the island, and the most important information about how to travel to Thassos and Limenas town in Greece.

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